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Liquid Biopsy Predicts Colon Cancer Recurrence 2016-07-08
One of the most exciting applications of precision medicine is the minimally to noninvasive technique of isolating tumor DNA from biofluids for diagnostic purposes—the aptly named liquid biopsy. This screening tool incorporates the power and speed of next-generation sequencing (NGS) to either diagnose disease or track the progression of a disease throughout a patient’s life or treatment course. Now, investigators at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and the University of Melbourne have utilized liquid biopsy screening to predict the likelihood of recurrence in some—but not all—of a small group of patients with early-stage colon cancer. If confirmed by further research, this new test could eventually help clinicians decide which patients need additional treatment at the time of their initial cancer diagnosis of stage II cancer. Stage II tumors, in general, have invaded nearby tissues but have not spread to other organs, and uncertainty has long surrounded the question of whether chemotherapy prescribed after surgical treatment is beneficial.
Less-frequent Pap smears may miss cancer precursors 2015-10-14
(Reuters Health) - Certain types of cervical abnormalities that can lead to cancer may be missed when young women go years between Pap smears, a new study suggests. NEW YORK | BY GENEVRA PITTMAN
Leica Biosystems Introduces the Aperio LV1 - Live View, Remote, Digital Pathology System for Researc 2015-04-13
Leica Biosystems announces the new Aperio LV1 digital pathology system for telepathology, providing rapid remote access for real-time review of glass slides for research use only applications.
20,000 light bags for cancer victims 2015-04-13
Henry Gu, USA TODAY 1:52 p.m. EDT September 30, 2015 Actress and Stand Up To Cancer Ambassador Marcia Cross and former national football player Chris Draft joined the 750 cancer patients and survivors to call on Congress to help in the fight against cancer. Both Cross and Draft have cared for spouses who battled cancer. “It’s going to be a rough night,” Cross said. ” When you look around and you see so much loss and so many people suffering, it’s … it’s suffering.” Draft and his wife Keasha founded Team Draft in 2011 to raise lung cancer awareness and help survivors and caregivers become advocates. “Football really prepared me for her diagnosis. You really have to deal with it and find the positive in those moments, Draft said.” That’s what we have to do in terms of cancer, really look at it, face it.” Lights of Hope began in 2011 at the National Leadership Summit and Lobby Day to celebrate ACS CAN’s 10th anniversary. It has been an annual event since then, and the number of bags grows each year. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s because people who have lost their loved ones contribute to the fight,” Cross said... to read more Click Here
New blood test for rare childhood conditions Researchers say a blood test breakthrough is ‘revolutio 2015-10-06
New blood test for rare childhood conditions Researchers say a blood test breakthrough is ‘revolutionary’ BRAD CROUCH THE ADVERTISER OCTOBER 05, 2015 10:30PM
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