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Jaishree Jagirdar MD 2015-04-20
Dr. Jagirdar is currently Professor of Pathology and Director of Anatomic Pathology at University of Texas Health Science Center. She is an internationally recognized pulmonary pathologist with 37 years of experience.
Dr. Ping Tan 2015-04-14
Dr. Ping Tang is Professor of Pathology at University of Rochester Medical Center. Dr. Tang is a surgical pathologist with a subspecialty interest in breast pathology. Her educational background includes a research fellowship at Harvard Medical School, a PhD from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas and a Fellowship in Surgical Pathology from Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. Dr. Tang’s impressive career has yielded extensive research publications and her current appointment at URMC. Her current research focuses on the use of immunocytochemical analysis to identify breast tumors with a high risk for bone metastasis. This presentation will discuss the selective expression of Folate Receptor alpha (FRA) in breast cancer: in particular the IHC expression of FRA in invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) and in situ ductal carcinoma (DCIS).
Dr. Dongfeng Tan 2015-01-11
“Molecular Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine of Colorectal Cancer”
Douglas C Miller MD,PhD 2015-10-13
Douglas C Miller MD,PhD is Clinical Professor in the Department of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences of the University of Missouri School of Medicine in Columbia, MO.  He got his MD (1978) and  PhD (1980) degrees at the University of Miami School of Medicine.  Dr. Miller has been faculty first at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and then at New York University School of Medicine, before moving to Missouri. Dr. Miller has published extensively (over 140 papers and chapters) mostly concerning primary brain tumors but also neurodegenerative diseases and infectious and inflammatory disorders.  
Dr. Charlie Hao 2015-01-11
Dr. Charlie Hao is currently Associate Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Neuropathology at Emory University School of Medicine. He is very well published in the field of neuropathology and experimental pathology, with research emphasis in apoptotic pathways and therapeutic targets in cancers and cancer stem cells. Dr. Hao’s Lecture is a follow up of his last discussion and will give the audience a good understanding of surgical neuropathology in general hospitals; particularly in the diagnosis of brain tumors. ​
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