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J M Smith Acquires Integra NV Business

J M Smith Acquires Integra NV Business

J M Smith Corporation has acquired the products and services offered by Integra, and will manage them as a subsidiary of the J M Smith Corporation known as Integra LTC Solutions, LLC. This acquisition will further enable J M Smith Corporation to leverage best practices and look at new opportunities in the long term care pharmacy market.

“The long term care pharmacy market is strategically important to our organization, and several of our companies are committed to our role in providing excellent products and services to our long term care pharmacy customers,” said William Cobb, Chairman and CEO of J M Smith Corporation. “Integra is known for its offerings and customer service in this field, so they are a good fit for us.”

Integra products for pharmacies include DocuTrack, a content and document management system that automates paper, fax and electronic processing; DeliveryTrack, which manages delivery processes; and Logix, a business process automation software.

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