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HPV Test Better Than Cytology For Screening For Cervical Cancer

HPV Test Better Than Cytology For Screening For Cervical Cancer

Published: Monday 22 August 2011 at 8pm PST

A study published online first in The Lancelot Oncology recommends that HPV (Human papillomavirus) testing should become the primary screening tool to rule out cervical cancer, with cytology reserved for triage of women who test positive for HPV, deciding which women need immediate colposcopy. 

Testing for the two most dangerous strains of HPV - HPV16 and HPV18 - identifies more high-grade pre-cancerous lesions that can lead to cervical cancer, than using solely cytology for current cervical cancer screening

An estimated 27% of women in the USA are infected with HPV, and although the best approach to manage the treatment for HPV infected women remains unclear, HPS DNA testing is widely known to be more effective than cytology-based primary cervical cancer screening. 

The most common high-risk types of HPV are HPV 16 and 18, accounting for about 70% of invasive cervical cancer. HPV testing with HPV16 and HPV18 detection has been recommended as a triage technique in HPV-positive women to heighten the level of accuracy in identifying women with CIN3 or worse lesions (cervical cancer and its most serious precursor lesions) who require immediate colposcopy. 

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