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Molecular Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine of Colorectal Cancer

Dr. Dongfeng Tan received medical training in China and Germany, finished pathology residency training at Yale University Yale-New Haven Hospital, and completed an oncologic surgical pathology fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Board certified in AP and CP in 1998, he was faculty member at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and The University of Texas (UT) Health Science Center at Houston before joining The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2006. He is currently a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine, and GI medical oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center. His expertise lies in solid tumor pathology and molecular diagnostics of cancer.


Dr. Tan has conducted independent and collaborative clinical and translational investigations and has been a principal investigator (PI) and co-PI of funded research programs. These academic activities have led to 130 peer-reviewed articles published.


In recognition of his contributions to the field, Dr. Tan was invited to edit and write a gastrointestinal pathology textbook titled Advances in Surgical Pathology: Gastric Cancer, which was co-edited by Dr. Gregory Lauwers of Harvard University and was published in October 2010 by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. A new textbook titled Principles of Molecular Diagnostics and Personalized Cancer Medicine, edited by Dr. Tan and Dr. Henry Lynch, was published in January 2013.


Date: December 21st, 2013   Time: 9:00am EST (USA)


“Molecular Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine of Colorectal Cancer”

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