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Interpretation and Reporting of Next Generation Sequencing Data in Clinical Oncologic Testing

Dr. Keyur Patel is an assistant professor and the medical director of the molecular diagnostics laboratory for hematologic malignancies at the Department of Hematopathology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (UTMDACC). He is board-certified in anatomic pathology, clinical Pathology, hematopathology and molecular genetic pathology. In addition, he holds a Ph.D in cell biology and molecular pathogenesis. His clinical interest includes interpretation of diagnostic workup for hematologic malignancies and molecular diagnostics. His research focus is on elucidating pathologic mechanisms in hematologic malignancies using novel molecular techniques. He has more than 35 peer reviewed publications to his credit. His current projects involve (i) understanding the role of miRNA and (ii) use of next generation sequencing in identifying novel genetic mutations in hematologic malignancies and translating this knowledge into novel molecular diagnostic approaches for personalized cancer management. His other professional interests include laboratory management and molecular test billing.  


Date: February 22, 2014 Time: 9:00 am EST (USA)


“Interpretation and Reporting of Next Generation Sequencing Data in Clinical Oncologic Testing”


Keyur Pravinchandra Patel MD PhD I Assistant Professor

Medical Director I Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory (Hematologic Malignancies)

The UT M D Anderson Cancer Center I Pathology and Laboratory Medicine I Hematopathology

1515 Holcombe, Unit 149 Houston, TX 77030

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