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Serous Neoplasms of the Ovary And Fallopian Tube

This lecture will be a complete summary on Neoplasms of the Ovary & Fallopian Tube, given by Dr. Russell Vang of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Russel Vang, MD is Associate Professor of Pathology in the Division of Gynecologic Pathology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.  He also holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics.  Dr. Vang is a member of the Gynecologic Pathology Consultation Service and In-house Gynecologic Pathology Service and is the director for the In-house Gynecologic Pathology Service. 

Dr. Vang completed medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School (95’) and went on to complete a residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (2000). Following, he completed a Surgical Pathology fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center (2001) and a Gynecologic and Breast Pathology fellowship at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (2001).

Dr. Vang is on the Editorial Boards for Int J Gynecol Pathol and Am J Clin Pathol.  His area of research interest includes epithelial tumors of the ovary and fallopian tube and he has been published nearly 100 times on the subject of gynecologic pathology.

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