the Professor
Curbside consult from Kevin O. Leslie, M.D.
Co-owner and Founder of LungPath Consultants.
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October 29-31
Kevin O. Leslie, MD, renowned pulmonary pathologist and expert consultant in digital pathology and machine learning.
Bring your most difficult pulmonary case (limit 2) and try your best to stump our expert. For every case brought to our exhibit at DPA, DigitCells will donate $50 to the charity of your choice.

You will also win an additional $50 gift card if you successfully stump the professor.
How to participate

Digital Scanners

Multi-platform Whole Slide Imaging scanners with capacity from 5 to 400 slides
One of the most reliable slide scanners worldwide. It is designed to address low volume scanning. Curbside consults. Differentials, peer
review and pathologist shortage.

  • Speed: From focusing to scanning in only 20 seconds
  • Technology: Magnetic linear motor control
  • Operation: Automatic or manual scanning with brightfield and fluorescence
  • Accuracy: Quality diagnostic pathology imaging
KF-PRO-020 is one of the most reliable scanners worldwide. It meets the major needs of almost 70% of clients.

  • Speed: Fast, effective scanning, 15mm x 15 mm= 40s at 20x
  • Volume: up to 500 slides per day
  • Application: Tray-based system overcomes the most difficult slides
  • Technology: Magnetic linear motor control
Single magazine high capacity scanning for low to medium volume laboratories.

  • Linear magnetic axis driver
  • Position accuracy at the nanometre scale
  • High presision system supports fluoressent scanning
  • Click and go operation
For brightfield and fluorescent slide scanning
of large batches of glass slides to assist in pathology, research and other applications.

  • High speed imaging of large slide volumes
  • Linear magnetic axis driver
  • Continuous loading capability
  • Suitable for hospitals and large facilities
Whole slide imaging converts glass slides into digital images. Provides improved slide management, data and storage for easy sharing
of pathology cases.

  • High throughput automatic processing
  • Position accuracy with nanometer scale
  • Supports fluorescence scanning
  • Suitable for large volume laboratories
The Pathology Solution
Scalable. Secure.
Within Reach.
Effective implementation of digital pathology requires people who know clinical. Leverage DigitCells extensive instruments, workflow, and information technology expertise to optimally integrate digital pathology in your organization. Whether supporting a single laboratory or multi-site hub and spoke network, DigitCells range of capabilities bring high quality solutions to your laboratory. Flexible options allow for on premise and cloud-based platforms. Choose your optimal solution.
Schedule your visit with our professor of Digital Pathology, Dr. Kevin Leslie
Pathology Visions 2023
October 29-31, Orlando, FL
October 30, 2023