GoPath Laboratories Announces Launch of miR-31now™ Test for Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer


GoPath previously announced the signing of a licensing agreement with IntegraGen, a French-based genomics services and biomarker discovery company, enabling the company to offer a miR-31-3p expression test to clinicians in North America. A recent study demonstrated that the expression level of miR-31-3p is predictive of both overall survival and response to treatment with anti-EGFR therapy.[2] This study also reported that mCRC patients whose miR-31-3p expression level is below a pre-defined threshold who were treated with FOLFIRI plus cetuximab have a one year longer median overall survival, a 40% reduction in mortality risk, and a better treatment response compared to patients treated with FOLFIRI plus bevacizumab.

The miR-31now test can assist oncologists to select the most appropriate biologic therapy to be used in first-line in combination with chemotherapy for patients with metastatic KRAS/NRAS wt metastatic colorectal cancer,” said Gary Grad, M.D., medical oncologist, Northwest Oncology and Hematology, S.C. “By combining molecular profiles and expressions, such as miR-31-3p, with clinical correlative data, we will be better able to identify patients with KRAS/NRAS wt mCRC most likely to benefit by adding EGFR targeted therapy, like cetuximab, to cytotoxic therapy. As clinical correlations are validated, we will become more able to truly personalize optimal precision therapy for our patients."

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