GoPath's 9th Year Anniversary - A message from the CEO

GoPath's 9th Year Anniversary - A message from the CEO

This year marks a very special year for GoPath as we celebrate our 9th anniversary. GoPath started in 2012 and we went from a small one-source laboratory provider to a nationwide genetics company offering innovative solutions for cancer patients and physicians. Our focus is simple, solve questions that every patient wrestles with: am I at risk of getting cancer? Do I currently have cancer? What treatment should I get? Will cancer come back again? Our GeneticsNow, OncoTarget, and OncoTracking solutions were designed to address these questions head-on.

Embracing the Past

There are lessons to be learned from the past and I think for GoPath it comes down to one thing. Dream big! Building this company has been the most ambitious undertaking in my life and I was determined to help fight against cancer. What I see in front of me today is far beyond the wildest dreams from when I first had this idea. I encourage everyone to chase their dreams and work hard. Your passion will help you prevail during hard times.

Along our journey, we continued to do things very few had done before and played a significant role in the industry – from being the only company that provides a comprehensive profile of cancer-associated germline variants that are incorporated with GRS, to offering unique solutions that personalize the way patients receive treatment and help physicians incorporate these solutions into their practice.

People are in GoPath's DNA

To our clients: Thank you for trusting us for many years and making us the leader in our industry. We are honored to have your trust and will continue to earn it.

To our employees: I am thankful to be able to work alongside smart, devoted, and eager people every day. Your commitment to put our customers first is an important component of Gopath's progress and success.

To our partners: To be in business for 9 years, we recognize the importance of establishing collaborative partnerships that bring extraordinary value to both GoPath and our customers. We thank our partners for their commitment, expertise, and skills in helping us serve customers around the nation.

To the Future

This year, we are entering a new phase as a leader in this space. We are creating new services, transforming operations, improving customer experience, and continuing to deliver value to our customers.

As GoPath celebrates its 9th anniversary, let’s toast our employees, customers, and partners who have helped us in the battle against cancer. Let’s continue to shape the future, together.


Dr. Jim Lu