GoPath Set to Exhibit at #ASCO17

GoPath Laboratories has planned to exhibit at this year's ASCO Annual Meeting to be held in Chicago June 3-5. We will be in booth #5027, which is right near the Grand Concourse Entrance in McCormick Place's South Building, Level 3, Hall A.

This year, we'll be featuring our newest testing platforms using next-generation sequencing technology: OncoTarget™ Solid Tumor, OncoTarget™ Liquid Biopsy, GeneticsNow™ testing for hereditary cancer, and PharmaTarget™--our newest division for pharmaceutical services and solutions. These comprehensive assays confirm GoPath as a leader in cutting-edge molecular cancer diagnostics and continues the company’s tradition of serving clients with a better defined diagnosis, personalized treatment options, risk prediction for cancer recurrence, and stratified immunoresponse in pharmaceutical research.

OncoTarget™ - Solid Tumor and Liquid Biopsy

OncoTarget™ is comprised of a series of highly-sensitive and specific molecular tests designed to detect genetic alterations in cancer. OncoTarget™ 88 examines 88 well-characterized cancer genes found in solid tumors for point mutations, copy number alterations, microsatellite instability and rearrangements. This single, comprehensive, NGS-based assay provides oncologists with clinically actionable data including a complete list of all identifiable genomic alterations, relevant FDA-approved drugs and current clinical trials specific to a patient’s cancer. OncoTarget™ Liquid Biopsy examines circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) through a simple blood draw. Using ddPCR technology, OncoTarget™ Liquid Biopsy allows for absolute quantification down to 0.1%, unparalleled precision and higher overall testing accuracy than other methods, giving clinicians the most accurate results for detecting genetic mutations while eliminating the need for additional tumor biopsies.

GeneticsNow™ Hereditary Cancer Testing

Another focus for GoPath has been the development of its GeneticsNow™ platform. This series detects the hereditary mutations most commonly associated with specific cancers and syndromes. GeneticsNow™ panels include BRCANow® for breast and ovarian cancer, LynchNow™ for Lynch syndrome/HNPCC, and Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) to detect an inherited genetic mutation in which numerous adenomatous polyps form. Several versions of the BRCANow® panel were designed to give patients more options based on their specific needs including: BRCANow® - BRCA1/2 & BRCA1/2 Deletion/Duplication Analysis, BRCANow® Plus HBOC, and BRCANow® Extended Comprehensive Risk Panel.

PharmaTarget™ Pharmaceutical Services

The recent additions to GoPath’s comprehensive test menu have only increased the number of options available to its pharmaceutical clients. In addition to NGS and molecular diagnostics, the company’s in-house laboratory services include FISH, cytogenetics and immunohistochemistry--all of which can be implemented to create customized assays for clinical trials and drug development. With PharmaTarget™, clients receive a dedicated project manager, high-quality results reporting, and ongoing consultation from a scientific team that has a strong knowledge of tumor immunotherapy. With its full-service molecular laboratory, scientific team and support staff all based in a single location, GoPath has the ability to respond quickly and scale support when project needs change.

GoPath’s Commitment

Since GoPath’s inception, every service has been backed by a deep commitment to serve patients by providing clinicians with an outstanding diagnosis and prognosis, results-driven research, and strong consultative support. GoPath offers a wide-range of connectivity solutions through its GoPathConnect™ platform, as well as in-house customer service and billing departments that can respond quickly to questions and inquiries.

For more information about any of our services, visit us in Booth #5027. See you at the show!