OncoTarget 125: Cutting-Edge Assay for Tumor-Specific Mutations

GoPath Laboratories is pleased to announce the release of OncoTarget® 125--our highly-sensitive, NGS-based (next generation sequencing) series that examines the full exons of 125 well-characterized cancer genes found in solid tumors for point mutations, copy number alterations, microsatellite instability (MSI) and rearrangements.The purpose of OncoTarget® 125 is to provide oncologists with a list of all identifiable genetic mutations, relevant FDA-approved drugs, current clinical trials and published literature specific to the detected genetic alterations so that they have every tool at their disposal for creating the best plan to treat their patient's cancer.
We now know that every cancer is unique. By examining a tumor for specific biomarkers, we can determine what targeted therapies may or may not be beneficial to a patient's treatment. If a therapy seems to be ineffective for treating your patient's cancer, OncoTarget® 125 can provide further insight into the biology of your patient's tumor and give clinicians comprehensive data that can lead to more informed treatment decisions and therapies that work best based on detected genetic mutations.
Our OncoTarget® 125 gene list is constantly expanding depending on what new genetic mutations are found to have a biological and functional relevance to cancers. OncoTarget® 125 offers matched normal sequencing to accurately filter out germline variants to assure that identified alterations are somatic. OncoTarget® typically provides results within 14 business days.
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