GoPath's 10 Year Anniversary

A Message From Our CEO, Celebrating 10 Years

Ten years ago, I took the biggest risk of my life. I quit my job and poured all my money, energy, and time into getting this company off the ground.

Today, GoPath turns 10!


When I read that line, it sent chills down my spine and made me reflect on our new beginnings, how far we've come, and especially, where we as a company plan to go.

So, as the saying goes, sometimes, to move forward, you have to look back. I want to highlight some of the most important milestones in the last ten years and set the stage for an even bigger and brighter future.

Humble Beginnings

GoPath started as an online pathology webinar company in a small corner office in Indianapolis. After hundreds of online webinar lectures, I realized a disconnect between practicing pathologists and academia. I then decided to build a laboratory with the latest molecular technology to help bridge the gap. I wrote my business plan on top of a blue pin pong table that I still own today. At a local level, GoPath became an extensive support system for community practicing pathologists and their teams to understand how technology could help improve cancer diagnosis and treatment options through pathology. Together, we created a culture that allowed us to build on solutions for patients, physicians, hospitals, and pharma using the latest technology.


In 2012, we began to grow and moved into an 8,000 SQFT headquarters in Buffalo Grove, IL, with a full-service, state-of-the-art laboratory. By 2018, we continued gaining more momentum and wanted to take the diagnostics world by storm. Our team grew exponentially, and we were determined to help change the patient and physician diagnostic journey.

Since then, GoPath has helped patients and partners achieve so much. We have experienced ups and downs, good years, and great years. Through the 2020 adversity, we were able to take two steps back to take five giant steps forward in 2021. We continued growing and expanding all core areas and began preparing for the next chapter of GoPath. In 2021, we launched our highly anticipated hereditary germline panel, ProstateNow, and made great headways in the urology space. In 2022, we launched our FDA-Cleared genomic profiling panel, OncoTarget 500, and continue expanding our OncoTarget series and cf-DNA testing for cancer recurrence monitoring.

2022, The Year of Big Achievements

For 10 years, we have been a small business invested by physicians and powered by a fantastic team of passionate individuals helping patients and practices throughout the country. We have been supported along the journey by many extraordinary employees, partners, and mentors and built an incredible team around an inclusive, supportive culture right here in our hometown. We are committed to maintaining our culture and hometown roots as we expand across the country.

So while an incredible amount of progress has been made, on this 10-year anniversary, I want to close by saying: Our work is not done. The story of our full-service diagnostics laboratory begins with you. Whether you’re a cancer patient embarking on your path to wellness or a physician helping patients navigate cancer journeys, we’re right beside you—illuminating every option on the road ahead.