Tissue Workflow
Optimization for Digital​

The TWOD system merges three cores

into a single process:

Less time
Less reagent
Less scan time
Less staining
Less storage​
Less processing
Pre-labeled cassettes: Each cassette holds up to 3 cores and has a unique barcode for tracking.​
Quantity: Kits come with 4 cassettes for standard biopsy and two (2) additional cassettes for potential ROI and formalin filled container​
Start with the Clinician Kit​
Image Management System (IMS)
Clinician Workstation​
Laboratory Information System (GPIS)
Case Management (DPDN)
Tissue Workflow
Tissues received at the lab already in the barcoded cassette
Cores are inked and orientation indicator added to block​
Three cores in one block​
Automated Gross Imaging
and Measurements​
  • Captures high-resolution images of each core within the cassette
  • This step also digitally measures each core and auto-populates the measurements into GPIS
  • Automated case allocation
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