Charting the Course

for Your Healthcare Journey

Healthcare journeys are personal.

But no one should have to walk alone—or without a proper roadmap.

With expedited digital pathology and comprehensive reporting,

we’re paving the way for patients, families, and healthcare providers

to define their own journeys.

With over five decades of combined experience, our expert pathologists and scientists provide cutting-edge testing and diagnostic resources from our state-of-the-art CAP-accredited,
CLIA-certified molecular diagnostic laboratory.

Whether we’re partnering with oncology practices and hospitals to create strong testing programs and streamlined billing, empowering biopharma to develop precise, effective treatments, or inspiring patients to reclaim their autonomy, our mission is simple: to make the complex clear for EVERYONE. To find the light. To share it.
Every healthcare journey is singular. But with our digital pathology solution, we connect providers around the world to help find the accurate answers they need. Whether you’re a patient or a provider, you deserve fast, easy access to the essential information that drives your care. With our cloud-based provider portal, we offer clear, comprehensive reporting and real-time images and data, 24/7. With our proprietary GoPath Information System, we’re revealing endless opportunities to take control of the diagnostic process.
With determination comes innovation. And with innovation comes hope. Our dedicated team never stops searching for ways to streamline diagnostics and improve your experience. With in-house genetic counselors, simplified billing, rapid turn-around times, and flexible TC/PC models, we’re clearing away the common obstacles that complicate cancer care. We’re rigorously developing tests that give you the clearest insights, fast. We’re also passionately solving for logistics, so you can focus your efforts where they matter most.
Our patient, provider, and pharma partners aren’t clients. They’re fellow voyagers. We believe that when everyone’s equipped with the best information, we can all move forward with hope and confidence. By providing fast, actionable answers, as well as ongoing education and free resources, we’re inviting every individual to make informed decisions about the direction of care. It’s your path. Together, we’ll move forward with purpose.
Sharing the Map
Clearing the Way
Journeying Together
With Non-Stop Support, You Can Write
Patients need the right answers to take the right action.
Find confidence in your treatment plan with comprehensive risk assessment, early diagnosis, sophisticated monitoring, and genetic counseling.
Providers need fast, proven, actionable insights in order to guide patients with confidence and clarity.
With anatomic pathology, molecular, hematopathology, and digital pathology, your compassionate care will be rooted in stronger, more streamlined insights.
If you need clarity, we’ll be your compass. Whether you’re curious about your family history or seeking peace of mind,
our state-of-the-art platform will provide you with a better understanding of any genetic risk factors so you can move forward with confidence.
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