Lead the Way

As someone committed to helping individuals and families navigate their cancer journeys, you deserve sustained support from a trusted partner. With innovations in everything from genomic testing and digital pathology to patient billing and tailored testing programs, we’re clearing the way for your groundbreaking work.
Mapping the Patient Landscape
A cancer journey can unfold in countless directions. But with comprehensive risk assessments, diagnostics tools and sequencing panels, we’re empowering you—and your patients—to find your bearings from the start.

Uncover risk factors and disentangle complex family histories in a matter of days with rapid insights from GeneticsNow®. Find or rule out clinically relevant alterations that can guide your next steps. Our cloud-based GoPath Information System will store every insight, so you can find everything you need to know with ease and efficiency.

If you have patients with a family history of hereditary cancer, our in-house genetic counselors and trove of educational resources can help develop a streamlined testing program and workflow that meets the needs of your practice—and your patient.

What Do We Know?
Obtain Quick Results for Patient Peace of Mind
When your patient is waiting on an answer, there’s no time for logistical roadblocks or cumbersome billing challenges. You need clear, actionable insights as soon as possible.

With comprehensive anatomic pathology, hematopathology, and digital pathology services from GoPath® Labs, we can help you speed up and simplify the path to diagnosis. Find all of your reports and all of your billing on one integrated platform in a matter of days.

Whether you opt for a TC or PC model, we’ll leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline your processes so you can bring your patients the fastest, clearest diagnoses and start making progress on the path ahead.

What Are We Up Against?
Building Toward Breakthroughs
To guide your patients through their turning points and triumphs, you’ll need a clear map—one that’s always accessible, available to your patients and their families, and complete with comprehensive information regarding the best possible routes for care.

Find exhaustive answers based on your patient’s unique position. If your patient is living with prostate cancer, chart a path forward with ProstateNow™, revolutionary germline testing that predicts prognoses and therapeutic responses. For all solid tumors, OncoTarget®—the largest FDA-cleared genomic profiling panel, analyzing over 500 genes—can provide unmatched insights into well-suited therapies based on certain mutations and biomarkers.

Actionable. Affordable. And quick, with turnaround times of just 6 to 10 days. We reimagine the possibilities of diagnostic testing because every provider and every patient deserves pathology tools that fight as hard as they do.
What Should We Do?
Outpacing Recurrence
Even when they’re turning the corner, we never turn our back. Whether you’re guiding your patient through a new therapy or into remission, we’ll provide sustained support that can alert you to what’s on the horizon as soon as it emerges.

We’ve developed OncoTracking™ to pick up on the earliest signs of possible metastasis or recurrence—faster than a CT scan or MRI—because every moment matters. Create flexible, responsive treatment plans that can effectively address any shifts in the landscape and empower your patient to reach peace of mind, focusing on their next adventure instead of wading through uncertainty.

With a best-in-class monitoring program, we’ll meet the next milestone—together.
What Happens Next?