Pioneering Your Cancer Care Begins with a Map

To take the right action, you need the right answers. With comprehensive risk assessment, early diagnosis, sophisticated monitoring, and therapy consultation, you can build a care plan that’s tailored to you.
Taking the First Step
If you have family members who have been affected by cancer, you might be worried about your own risk. With GeneticsNow®, we offer comprehensive germline testing that looks for genes associated with common hereditary cancers, giving you more information about your own risk of developing cancer.

With the fog finally lifted, you can plot your course of action—and arrive at peace of mind.
Comprehensive Risk Assessment
Uncovering the Path
Sometimes the toughest part of a journey happens before the journey begins—when you’re waiting for the map to load, the compass to orient. By helping your oncologist bring you a clear, accurate diagnosis within days, not weeks, we help you take those critical first strides when it’s most important: now.

Powered by GoPath® Labs and our revolutionary OncoTarget® series—a genomic profiling panel that looks at over 500 genes associated with specific cancers—we’ll deliver actionable treatment insights directly to you and your healthcare provider’s digital portals. When you can find the right answers as quickly and easily as possible, you can start moving in the right direction—forward.
Efficient, Accurate Diagnostics
Navigating the Climb
Detours can feel daunting—but when they’re defined by compassionate care and comprehensive information, they become opportunities for growth and empowerment. You’ll never have to stare at the map, wondering which turn to take or which hills are worth the climb.

With OncoTarget® and GeneticsNow®, you can forge an effective plan of action that’s tailored to your personal health needs and profile. You’ll be buoyed by the expertise of experienced genetic counselors and clinicians as you gain real-time insight into the best course of treatment.
Personalized Treatment Recommendations
What About Tomorrow?
We're here for your whole journey. That means we’ll still be right beside you, shining a light on the path ahead, even if you’re already in treatment or are years into remission.

No more sleepless nights, unsure footing, or wondering what if—through our OncoTracking™ testing program we can detect signs of cancer recurrence earlier than traditional cancer surveillance methods.

Continued Recurrence Monitoring