GoPath® Labs

Anatomic Pathology
With expertise in multiple sub-specialties, our full-service anatomic pathology lab supports clinicians and healthcare groups in determining accurate diagnoses in a timely manner.
Personalized medicine is at the forefront for us. We have established molecular test panels, including proprietary tests that allow clinicians to identify targeted treatment options for their patients. We provide a range of solid tumor molecular tests for colon, prostate, bladder, breast, thyroid, and lung cancers, among others.
With experienced hematopathologists and full-service diagnostic technologies, GoPath offers comprehensive diagnostic testing and consultation services for hematologic and lymphoid disorders.
Pharmaceutical Lab Services
We apply clinical and translational research expertise to drug & biomarker pipelines through GoPath's PharmaTarget™ team. More than 30 oncology therapies have been tested with 68 validated biomarker assays developed by us.
Digital Pathology
Embedding powerful algorithms into pathologists' skill sets, digital pathology enhances their capabilities, enables collaboration and peer review, and accelerates the delivery of data to make informed decisions.
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