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Anatomic Pathology
Diagnostic Services
GoPath offers comprehensive in-house diagnostic pathology services backed by highly trained and sub-specialized pathologists, providing clinicians with the information they need to determine the best treatment strategies and therapeutic options for their patients.
Highlights include:
  • 24-48 hour biopsy TAT
  • Broad test menu with >120 special stains and IHC antibodies
  • TC/PC support programs to help your practice maximize revenues on send-outs
  • Customizable access to test results via fax, email, online, and interface
  • One-page easy to read reports
  • Patient-friendly billing program
Genitourinary Specialty Services
Gastrointestinal/Liver Specialty Services
Our fellowship-trained pathologists are skilled in all aspects of urologic pathology and offer consultation services in prostate, bladder, kidney, and testicular pathology. Our genitourinary pathology solutions include immunohistochemistry, urine cytology, chemistries, and microbiology, as well as single-gene molecular tests and comprehensive somatic and germline next generation sequencing panels.
With a group of specialized and dedicated GI/Liver pathologists, we provide premier pathology services, including immunohistochemistry, which is often coupled with in-house molecular diagnostics featuring the latest panels for KRAS/EGFR pathways, GIST mutations, Lynch syndrome/HNPCC, and MSI testing.
We provide customized research and analysis that transforms information on clinical trials, drugs and sites into actionable intelligence for your organization. From helping you visualize your future competitive landscape to improving your chances of running a successful clinical trial, this service provides the tools you need for effective decision making.
Harnessing the Power
of Data for Precision Healthcare
Digital Pathology
Embedding powerful algorithms into pathologists' skill sets, digital pathology enhances their capabilities, enables collaboration and peer review, and accelerates the delivery of data to make informed decisions.
Your program can benefit from digital pathology solutions if you are pursuing discoveries or completing a standard IND enabling package.
Diagnostic Services