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Anatomic pathology
Gastrointestinal Pathology
Your trusted leader in GI/Liver testing services.
Myeloid68 uses targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) to detect somatic alterations in 68 genes associated with myeloid malignancies.
Urological Pathology
Your trusted leader in genitourinary testing services.
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
GoPath Laboratories offers a complete testing solution for your CLL patients, including morphology, flow cytometry, FISH, cytogenetics, lgVH testing, B-cell receptor stereotyping, and minimal residual disease monitoring.
Hematopathology Trifold
Patients. Results. Answers.
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Molecular, FISH, Flow Cytometry, Histology, Cytology
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Breast Cancer Patient Guide
BRCANOW® is a next-generation sequencing panel for people with a personal or family history of breast or ovarian cancer.
Colon Cancer Patient Guide
LYNCHNOW® is a germline screening tool to test for Lynch syndrome and other hereditary cancer disorders in patients with colorectal cancer.
Prostate Cancer Patient Guide
PROSTATENOW™ is a genetic test for men with prostate cancer or those at risk of developing prostate cancer.
For Providers
Active Surveillance Paper BRCA + ATM
Germline Mutations in ATM and BRCA1/2 Are Associated with Grade Reclassification in Men on Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer.
Association of Prostate Cancer Polygenic Risk Score
Association of prostate cancer polygenic risk score with number and laterality of tumor cores in active surveillance patients.
European Association of Urology
Performance of Three Inherited Risk Measures for Predicting Prostate Cancer Incidence and Mortality: A Population-based Prospective Analysis.
Genetic Testing For Prostate Cancer Tackles The Black Demographic Disparity
Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, and studies show that inherited factors account for 57% of the risk for developing prostate cancer.
HGG Advances
Genetic factors associated with prostate cancer conversion from active surveillance to treatment.
ProstateNow™ Physician Brochure
ProstateNow™ is a clinical grade comprehensive germline panel offered by GoPath Diagnostics.
BRCANow Gene List
BRCANow is a Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS)-based assay using a state-of-the-art platform developed exclusively at GoPath Laboratories.
Dr. Brian Helfand
Brian T. Helfand, MD, PhD. Division Head of Urology – NorthShore Medical Group.
Dr. Jianfeng Xu
Jianfeng Xu, DrPH. Vice President, Translational Research. Director, Program for Personalized Cancer Care.
Dr. Jim Lu
Jim Lu MD, PhD. President, CEO and Medical Director. 15+ Years of Experience in GI and Liver Pathology.
Genetic Counseling
We provide patients with information, support, and resources to better understand the risks and interpretation of genetics as it relates to cancer.
Genetic Counselor Dani Bishay
Dani Bishay, MS, CGC. Certified Genetic Counselor. 10+ Years in Genetic Counseling.
Genetic Counselor Scott M. Weissmann
Scott M. Weissmann, MS, CGC. Certified Genetic Counselor. 15+ Years in Genetic Counseling.
Genetic Counselor TinaMarie Bauman
TinaMarie Bauman RN, MSN, APN, AGN-BC. Hereditary Cancer Genetics Nurse. 20+ Years of Experience in Genetics Counseling and Oncology Nursing.
GeneticsNow® Gene List
Bringing solutions to genetic testing. GoPath's GeneticsNow® Series includes a collection of next-generation sequencing panels that detect germline variants associated with an increased risk for various hereditary cancers.
LynchNow® Flyer
GoPath offers a comprehensive step-by-step and cost-effective lynch screening program.
Prostate Cancer Flyer
A Comprehensive Germline Panel for Prostate Cancer.
ProstateNow™ Gene List
The core of germline testing is to know which genes/mutations have clinical validity and utility. The genes tested in ProstateNow™ are based on a combination of clinical guidelines and up-to-date evidence-based review.
For Individuals
OncoTarget®500 Patient Guide
OncoTarget® 500 is a comprehensive genomic profiling panel that analyzes over 500 genes to detect genomic alterations known to alter cancer growth.
For Providers
Collaboration with Duke University
Next-Generation Sequencing Concordance Analysis of Comprehensive Solid Tumor Profiling between a Centralized Specialty Laboratory and the Decentralized Personal Genome Diagnostics elio Tissue Complete Kitted Solution.
OncoTarget®500 Physician Brochure
FDA-Cleared IVD Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Panel.
OncoTarget®500 Tech Sheet
Genomic Profiling Powered by GoPath Diagnostics.
OncoTarget®500 Infopage
Unique Advantages of OncoTarget500®. Fast. Proven. Actionable.
OncoTracking™ Infopage
Monitor Treatments. Early Treatment. Track.